Herkules III 3-6S Brushless Regler Hexa XL

Setup Herkules III 3-6S Brushless Regler Hexa XL for Mikrokotper.

Herkules III
Attribute Value
Operating-Voltage 3-6S Li-Polymer
Maximum power 30A (60Amp up to 15s)
Dimensions 150x150mm
I2C-Addresses M01 - M06
Setpoint Control Mode I2C with with Telemetry ON for JETI: I2CT
Active Freewheeling ON AFW1
PWM switching frequency (FREQ) 16kHz
Commutation Phase Advance (ADV) 18°
Confiuration Files 01_Herkules_ESC/I2CT/AFW1/kHz16/ADV18/{*M01-*M06}.acy
AVRootloader Herkules_III_v3_ProgTool_Tele_v103 / v6.0

Flashing the correct files to the board

Use a Micromatch cable to connect the two Herkules boards together, otherwise only the three motors on the upper side can be controlled by Flight Control (where the MK-Flight-Controller is connected over the Moltex interface)