TAROT Frame with TIGER Motors

Apollon in version V3
Attribute Value
Name Apollon
Version V3
Typ Hexa
Frame TAROT FY680
Retractable Landing Gear HML650
Weight 2.15kg (1547g + 607g) (including 7.7Ah 4S Fullymax)
Motor T-Motor MT2212 750KV
Propeller EPP 14x4.5CF (altern.: T-Motor 10x3.3CF)
Flight-Control MK: FlightCtrl V2.0, NaviCtrl V2.0
Brushless-Control 6 x MK: BL-Ctrl V1.2
Battery 3S/4S
Position Lights Yes
Special feature none
Flight Time 14min with 7.7 Ah 4S
Flight characteristics Good
FPV flight characteristics Can be used with TAROT-Gimbal. But, not yet tested.


This UAV is flying good, but has lower power than with 23-10 AHM with EPP1045.

Next steps

1 Test (compare) 10x4.7 props
2 Make flight time tests
3 Test 3S/4S batteries
4Add XT90 power connector