Artemis in version 1.2
Attribute Value
Name Artemis
Version 1.2
Typ Quad
Weight without battery 0.886 kg
Motor 850Kv AC2830-358
Battery 3S 2200mAh to 4S 3300mAh
Propeller APC 10x47
Flight-Control APM 2.5
Brushless-Control ESC 20 Amp from 3D Robotics
Position Lights Yes (12V LED with 4S Lipo)
Special feature
  • Telemetrie communication.
  • Very robust. Had several crashes testing its limit.
  • Easy to fly in postion hold.
Flight characteristics Very good in postion hold and following waypoints. Shows some problems with fast descending.


Very stable in postion hold (Loiter-Mode) and following waypoints (Auto-Mode). The navigations speed in Auto-Mode is reduced for extra stable flight. Fyling in Loiter-Mode is very easy.

Next steps

1Improve configuration for stabilize mode
2Maybe add a GoPro V1

Artemis V1 vibration dampening

Artemis V1 vibration measurment

Measurments are okay. AccX and AccY are inside the limits of -5 and 5. AccZ is in side the -15 to -5 range.

AccX (limits for good performance -5 and +5)

AccY (limits for good performance -5 and +5)

AccZ (limits for good performance -15 and -5)

Test Barometer

Measurments shows really bad values

Cover the barometer on the APM 2.5

Now measurments shows much better values. Alt-hod mode is working