Middle sized UAV for video streaming and recording with GoPro.

Hades in version 4.0
Attribute Value
Name Hades
Version 4.0
Typ Medium-Size-Hexa
Weight 2.39kg
Ampere 24 A @ 4S
Battery 4 LiPo cell, 5000mAh 40C (and 450mAh 3S for videoTX)
Motor AHM 30-6 V2 black
Propeller Graupner E-Prop 12x6"
Flight-Control MK: FlightCtrl V2.1 (with ACC Upgrade), NaviCtrl V2.0
Brushless-Control MK: BL-Ctrl V2.0
Position Lights Yes
Gimbal Bestablecam SteadyGo3 GoPro
Transmitter Mi600 Ultra Micro 5.8GHz 600mW
Landing Gear HML650 (from banggood.com)
Flight characteristics Very good and extremely powerfull without payload - still good with payload.


Next steps

1Dampening of the Flight-Control could be improved.
2Bigger 4S battery requiered (around 5-6 Ah) (done)


Random Snapshots