Biggest UAV.

Herkules in version 1.4
Attribute Value
Name Herkules
Version 1.4
Typ Hexa-Large
Weight without battery 3.60 kg
Motor KDE 4014XF-380KV
Propeller TIGER 17x5.8
Flight-Control MK: FlightCtrl V2.5, NaviCtrl V2.0
Brushless-Control Herkules III
Retractable landing gear 2015 ARRIS Lander-X5. Slow, but robust landing gear.
Position Lights Yes, controlled to FlightCtrl (On/Off by RC, Alerts)
Characteristic 5S 30C With 2 x 5Ah (total --kg) --min at ~40A
Softare version FlightCtrl: V2.10a, NaviCtrl: V2.10b
Special feature 360° camera gimbal, with own RC control
Flight characteristics Exact, fast responding and surprisingly crisp (without payload and 3.7Ah 5S battery)


Next steps

1Get rid of the occasionally appearing gimbal vibration
2Improve the video downlink quality.
3Find propper batteries