Stable UAV with GoPro and video downlink to record other UAVs.

Hermes in version 2.0
Attribute Value
Name Hermes
Version 2.0
Typ Hexa-Carbon
Weight without battery 1.44kg (1.84kg with 4.5AH)
Motor AHM 23-10 QC-6-Kant
Propeller Maxxprod EPP1045
Flight-Control FlightCtrl V2.1 (ACC updated) [3.3V-CSxx], NaviCtrl V2.0
Brushless-Control MK: BL-Ctrl V1.2
Battery 1x Fullymax: 4.5AH, 4S, 30C (398g)
Position Lights Yes (RC-switch on/off)
Flight Time ~15min (including video-tx and GoPro charging)
Special feature - 2D-Gimbal for GoPro Hero 3 including 600mW 5.8Gz live transmission
- Position lights can be sitched on/off by RC remote
Erro Message Voice Message "Motor Error". Check what this means.
Flight characteristics Very good.

Power consumption in different configurations:

Propeller Cells battery mAH battery Weight Time Watt Ampere
MAXPROD 10x5 3 1x4500 1.84 kg 15 min 320 W 20 A


Next steps

1Initialize landing at 14.2 Volt.
2Gimbal and video qualtiy has to be improved.
3Search for other RC transmitter with at least 10 channels
4Use GoPro cam shows issues. Replace with new one.
5Replace Motors and/or ESC, depending on what the "MOTOR ERROR" message means.
6Add XT90 power connector and remove power switch.