Large UAV for aerial photos.

Nemesis in version 3.2
Attribute Value
Name Nemesis
Version 3.2
Typ Hexa-Large
Weight empty (no battery) 2.72 kg
Motor AHM 30-15–S–V3
Propeller TIGER Carbon 14x4,8
Flight-Control MK: FlightCtrl V2.1 with ACC upgrade, NaviCtrl V2.0
Brushless-Control MK: Hexa XL V3 - Combi
Batteries 1x Fullymax: 9000mAh 4S 25C (863g)
2x Fullymax: 4300mAh 5S 30C (2x536g)
2x Turnigy: 5000mAh 5S 20C (2x560g) for EU33.55 (new Favorit)
Position Lights Yes, controlled to FlightCtrl (On/Off by RC, Alerts)
Gimbal WALKERA G3S Brushless Gimbal for Sony RX100 III
Total 4.3 kg with 4S 9Ah
Included cable to get video singal from HDMI interface is crap.
Kamera Sony RX100 III
Transmitter Mi600 Ultra Micro 5.8GHz 600mW
Landing Gear S800 (DJI)
Characteristic 4S 25C With 1 x 9Ah (total --kg) --min at ~--A
Characteristic 5S 40C With 2 x 4.3Ah (total 3.85kg) 19min at ~32A
Flight characteristics It's heavy, but flys quite accurate in manual mode. Some problems with GPS and wind with payload.


Next steps

1Search and test new popeller adapters for the TIGER props. The current solution seems to work, but looks crapy.
As soon as there is an issue with the AHM, replace motors with KDE or TIGER.
2Test video quality of Sony cam.
3Improve the video downlink quality. (Meanwhile: cable broken. Use mini-cam.